hue chon

Hue Chon

I was born in South Korea but grew up in Los Angeles. I always felt like I was an outsider and that I didn't belong. I always wanted to be loved by others but always felt a lack. I sough to have friends and did whatever it took to gain the acceptance of others. Oviously, this got me into a lot of trouble.

When I was 15 years old I really want to live a different life. I didn't want to be controled by people, alcohol, etc.I tried for 2 years to change my life but I failed and returned back to my rebellious ways. When I was 17 years old someone invited to church and for the first time I heard about Jesus Christ. I visited the church a couple more times and I understood that only Jesus would be able to change my life. Therefore July 4th 1984 I repented and accepted Jesus as my Saviour and Lord.

Since then Jesus changed my life. Now, I know what true love is and I am accepted by Christ and that is sufficient. I desire only to serve God and understand His word. I desire to live according to His will and serve Him. This is why I became a missionary. I didn't want to just live my life for myself but for Christ. I thank God for using me for His kingdom.